OptiMix 4Kw
  • OptiMix 4Kw
  • OptiMix 4Kw

OptiMix 4Kw

TriSun PV-T kit of 13,2m2 for a total of 9,10Kwc

Combined installation for the production of electricity and hot water.

2 Kwp electric + 7,1 Kw thermal

Roof integration option
superposition en toiture

8 TriSun CS sensors, 27kg hybryde high performance, total area 13,2m2
Boiler 300L combi stratified with 1 hot water heat exchanger stainless steel and 1 solar exchanger made in Germany, with connection kit.
Electronic control unit with class A transfer pump and energy meter.
8 Micro-inverter with monitoring of installation on PC, tablet, smartphone.
structure kit for mounting superimposed on the roof (flat tiles or mechanical).
PV-T 15m twin connection cable.
40L of solar Glycol.
Complete installation manual.